What is Taith?

What is Taith? In short, Taith is a wealth management company. Using the cash from our investors, our stakeholders, and what we've earned through our growth, we invest in companies that we believe will grow and earn a profit. Most of our involvements and decisions are very long-term. We very seldom even think about anything that is short term.

We do not seek political entanglements or exposure. We're just looking to make money for ourselves and for our investors. We don't play the game to war, to raid. Our protectors know that we actively endeavour to maintain a relatively low profile. Not looking to war, just looking to money. If you have a possible investment proposal, you can reach out to either of the Co-Managing Partners.

How do I invest?


Taith is very selective in the individuals we invite to join our company as stakeholders. These individuals are directly involved in funding the group, and their nations are personally on the line. They reside on the in-game alliance, and they contribute 100% of their income directly as an alliance tax. They may invest additional funds however any additional investment will be allocated to the Investors category. Stakeholders do not receive any payout, any profits are automatically rolled into their contributions. They are not allowed to own anything outside of Taith, and anything that they do hold under their name is actually the property of the Group. Usually, the Co-Managing Partners will split a larger stake in the company to ensure that both are represented on the Boards and in the Shareholders' rooms, and the non-managing Stakeholders will also frequently have some shares.


Individuals do not need to be on the Taith Group’s alliance in-game to grow with the group. They may contribute to the Investors category, which constitutes a fixed 20% of the group. With that said, Taith is still very limited and restrictive in who we invite to invest directly with us.

Taith Group Investment Fund

In October 2020, we rolled out a new way to invest: Taith Group Investment Fund (TGIF). In short, this is a single company listed on the Orbit Stock Exchange, with a single investment: Taith. If you'd like to invest, that's the best and easiest way to do so, as it gives you quicker, more immediate results. You may find yourself invited to invest directly into Taith, but since that's a very unlikely scenario, this is the next best route.

Common questions

As an investor, how do I withdraw my investment?

The Partners will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate withdrawals in a timely manner. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the enterprise, we cannot guarantee a speedy withdrawal. Any withdrawals will be marked as a loss for the Group, which will negatively impact profits. Withdrawal requests should be submitted at least a month prior to when you’d like to have your funds, and again, no guarantees or assurances will be made that you’ll receive the entirety of your withdrawal request within that month's period.

Is my money safe?

There is absolutely no guarantee. We could go belly-up tomorrow and you’d be out what you invested. The best we can do is say that in the event that this does fail spectacularly (a la Kastor Corp), we’re out just as much as you.

How do I make money?

On the last day of the month, the Partners will compile an Income and Expense report. From that report, 60% of any Profit will be retained by the Group for future investing. The remaining 40% will be distributed as follows: 80% of the distribution will be assigned to the Stakeholders. 20% of the distribution will be assigned to the Investors category. Within the two categories, distribution will be allocated relative to the invested percentage.

For example, Taith Group reports a $100 million profit. A total of $100 million has been invested into the Investors category. $60 million is retained for reinvesting. This grows the overall strength of the Group’s portfolio. $32 million is assigned for distribution to the Stakeholders. $8 million is assigned for distribution to the Investors. An investor who has contributed $20 million (20%) would receive $1.6 million, which they can choose to either receive as a dividend or they can elect to reinvest it into the group.