Discord Rules

There are two sets of rules. There's the standard, basic set and then subsequent set of situational rules that have been created to deal with issues that have arisen. The second set is usually an addendum to the primary set, and the primary set really boils down to a single rule: Don't annoy Greene. That's really the single biggest thing in this server.

Server Rules

  1. Racism is not acceptable on this server.

  2. There is no need to swear. If you feel the need to vent - there are plenty of words that can be used, without resorting to profanity. Be inventive. Who knows, you might start a trend.

  3. Be respectful towards other users on this server. If someone feels attacked, back off. Greene is exempt from this rule.

  4. Heddlu will usually issue warnings before taking action. If you received a strike, it's because you have received a warning. Certain egregious behaviour will skip the verbal warning, and subsequent strikes for the same behaviour won't incur a warning each time.

  5. Post appropriately to the area you are posting in. Spam posting in non-spam areas isn't acceptable.

  6. Don't be a jerk. You are better than that, or at least, we hope you're better than that.

updated 11 July 2020

1st Addendum, 23 June 2020

There is no uniform rulebook of what is and isn't appropriate because it's very contextual. What is appropriate in one context won't be in another. And I prefer giving my enforcement team a fair amount of latitude; I have faith in their judgement, so I give them the freedom to use that judgement. Usually, you're fine as long you don't piss people off. From the Heddlu's perspective it's more like, "Can I convince Greene not to be mad that he lost a verified player on this server cause I banned them"

2nd Addendum, 24 June 2020

People who ask when the next giveaway is going to be are just looking to be spanked, and the Heddlu are happy to oblige with a strike. The giveaways happen when Greene decides to run one.

3rd Addendum, 24 June 2020

Hate speech, inciting riots, and being a generally un-human person will result in strikes and mutes, as necessary. So will using emojis to write out stuff.

4th Addendum, 24 June 2020

If you have a problem with the Heddlu complain to the Heddlu about the Heddlu that you have a problem with. Questioning or calling out the Heddlu in public will never work out in your favour. If you have an issue with a moderator, contact another moderator privately, and work with them to solve the problem. Moderators can bring problems to Greene and Rob, but you directly doing so also won't work out the way you want it to. They exist to make our lives easier.

5th Addendum, 30 June 2020

There is exactly one circumstance where you are allowed to ask for a role. Send $2 billion to the Taith alliance bank, and then you can ask for a custom role. Asking for a role in any other situation will result in a strike. We do have some roles you're able to add yourself to, such as the Baseball, Employer, or Job Searching roles. Everything else exists for specific reasons and if you don't have the role then you don't have it.

6th Addendum, 30 June 2020

Petitions will result in expulsions from the server. We offer a lot of free stuff, but starting petitions to try to get your way or convince us to do something will just piss Greene off.

7th Addendum, 2 July 2020

Acting like a member of the Heddlu when you are not in fact a moderator will not help you earn a place with the moderating team. It will, however, earn you a strike if we feel like you're actively trying to act like a moderator.

8th Addendum, 11 July 2020

The Lluniau role exists to allow certain people to upload images to the server and post external emojis. If you don't have this role and you are getting around this limitation by posting links, that will earn you a strike since you're actively trying to bypass restrictions put in place. If you do have the role, though, then you're allowed to post images and emojis as long as they're at least tacitly relevant to the conversation. There is one very subjective exemption to this rule. If the gif or image is very relevant and adds to the conversation then fine. But if it’s just superfluous or one of those reaction gifs then absolutely not.

9th Addendum, 11 July 2020

Mocking, bad-mouthing, or generally disrespecting our dragon mascot, Gwen, will be met with a strike, and no warning is necessary from the Heddlu. And no, we're not kidding,

10th Addendum, 23 July 2020

This isn’t so much a deviation or alteration of a rule, nor is it a new rule. This is for clarification: using homophobic, racist, sexist, or hate speech is not acceptable and is not tolerated. If you feel you are joking, I don’t care. Your “joke” is not appropriate or acceptable when it harms others. Heddlu will take swift and unflinching action, or they’ll find themselves no longer a part of this server’s moderation team.