One of the biggest challenges when running a company is how you handle advertising. Taith Group has struggled with uniformly advocating to our headliners how to do this, and we've tried (and failed) to effectively implement multi-server packages. There has to be something better, right? We couldn't find it, so we went out and made it. Introducing Cynnal App, a Taith company that makes advertising so much easier. Potential advertisers pre-load their accounts with credit, and then they're able to self-post their advertisements anywhere the Cynnal App bot is running.

Types of Advertisements

There are two types of advertisements, and each server is able to control where those advertisements appear. Normal advertisements can be up to 1,000 characters long. Premium advertisements can be up to 150 characters in length. The Normal ads cost $200,000 per occurrence, whereas the Premium ads cost $5 million. The client buying the advertisement configures how many times they want the advertisement to run, and at what interval. We recommend that servers that use this bot create a special channel for the normal advertisements, and have the premium advertisements, which cost substantially more and are much shorter, in a general chat channel. This creates value for the advertisement without significantly impacting the conversation.

Rollout Phases

Phase 1

We're currently in the fine-tuning stages, and then we'll initially be rolling this bot out to all of our headliner companies.

Phase 2

The second part of our rollout will allow companies that we've invested in to request the bot be introduced to their server.

Phase 3

General access to the bot, where anyone who wants to have the bot introduced to their server will be able to.


We recognize that in all situations, prospective server managers would want to know how they can make money by using Cynnal. Once we complete Phase 2, we will be introducing a licensing system, where we provide servers with a portion of all revenue earned from advertising, even if the ads were not served on their servers. At the present time, we haven't finalised how this revenue sharing will work, so it would be premature to share that right now. Please be aware that this will be profitable, and since it completely eliminates the workload from the respective servers, it creates high value for any company using it.

How it works (Advertisers)

  1. As an advertiser, you'll send the money to one of the Cynnal App Managers, which will be found on the Taith Group's server. They will receive your money and then credit it to your account. There are no refunds, transfers, or exchanges.

  2. Now that you have an account balance, you'll go to any server that is using Cynnal App, and purchase the advertisement you'd like using the command ad+ buy {tier} {quantity} {interval} {text}

    • Please remember to follow that server's rules regarding where to type the command, as many servers have bot spam channels for this purpose.

    • Tier would be either NORMAL or PREMIUM

    • Quantity is how many times you'd like the advertisement to run. An example would be 10 for ten times.

    • Interval is how often you'd like to have the advertisement run. An example would be 30m for every 30 minutes or 12h for every 12 hours.

    • Text would be the actual content of the advertisement. Please remember that the content must be less than 1,000 characters (including spaces) for normal, or 150 characters (including spaces) for premium advertisements.

    • A normal ad going every 12 hours for 5 days would be written like this: ad+ buy NORMAL 10 12h sometext. This would cost $2 million, which would be deducted from the advertiser's account balance.

  3. The advertisement will now be running automatically based on the variables you've chosen. If there are any errors, the bot will let you know.

How it works (Server Owners)

  1. Invite the bot to your server

  2. Decide what channels you'd like to have for your general and premium advertisements.

    1. Go into the channel for normal ads and type: ad+ set_normal

    2. Go into the channel for premium ads and type: ad+ set_premium

  3. Make sure the bot can read & write in those channels, as well as whatever channels you may want to allow people to perform commands for it in.

  4. Your advertisers will process their own advertisements.