Since the Great and Glorious Upload that spawned Orbis into our reality, there have been Banks catering to our community. Mercenary Companies have risen and fallen with the Moons. Insurance Agencies have crumbled faster than the Great Alliances of our time. Lotteries, Casinos, the greatest of endeavours. At all stages, these companies have found themselves in a position where support, or the access to support, made the difference between their success and their doom.

Corporate Consultancy, Advisory, and Support

The Taith Group has found ourselves blessed with exceptional success in the business world. In the span of a year, we more than quintupled our starting position, and we've established ourselves as one of the preeminent businesses across the continents. With all that money, with access and influence, we believe it's important to help our fellow businesses who haven't had as much success. To that end, we're creating this new philanthropic arm to support fledgeling businesses, not with money or demand of ownership, but with no strings attached support.

Companies who seek our assistance will receive the benefit of our experience through assisting them in developing their company, promoting their business, and providing access to relationships and contacts to further their endeavours. The support we will provide to each client we are advising will be uniquely tailored to their specific needs.

We will not charge any company for the service we are providing through the Gymorth Foundation. We will spend some of our Foundation's money helping many of the companies, however, that money will not be used to purchase any part of their company for ourselves or for any of our owned businesses or entities. Any support offered will always be with the full backing of the company asking for our support. We won't call the shots, we won't enforce any agendas beyond what is requested by the company's leadership.

Banking, Borrower Relief, and Consolidation

We expect the majority of our foundation's expenses to be spent assisting misinformed, potentially gullible, or inexperienced individuals who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous banks or who have simply gotten in over their heads. As the majority owner of several banks, we've sought to bake in policies and an ethos of caring for the client. It's vitally important to any bank's success that they reduce the defaults of their customers. It's equally important that customers are able to avoid defaulting on debt, as that can often harm their alliance mates and their reputation.

Using our predominant position, the Taith Group has charged our new foundation with working to assist the borrower and lender to find a middle ground to avoid possible default. We've purposely been amassing sizeable stakes in banks so that we have the ability to negotiate on behalf of individuals who may have been harmed by bad banks and bad banking practices. We'll look to possibly consolidating their debts into one of our banks with Taith acting as a partial guarantor if we're not able to work out an equitable solution with the original bank.

High-quality news, Well sourced, and Peer-Reviewed

Never before have their been New York Times level exposes in the world of Orbis. We aim to change that. While most of the foundation's expenses will likely go towards the borrower resolution centre, we expect to spend a decent amount paying freelance writers to write well thought out, vibrant, verbose articles that will have sourced materials. Our readers should be able to see exactly where and how you arrived at your conclusions, and independently review the information to come to their own outcomes. All articles will pass a peer-review stage that ensures accuracy and reduces the potential for biased and inaccurate reporting.

We don't anticipate to produce a high volume of articles, perhaps one or two per month since our high standards will dictate significant review and editing to ensure compliance with our mandate for all material and any claims to be backed up and well documented. Nevertheless, exceptional articles will earn exceptional paychecks for the writers and the team that helped review their articles for accuracy.