Press Release from Taith Group re:

Changeup's Departure from Taith

19 November 2020

With the confusion surrounding the Royal Orbis News lottery, and the decision by Changeup to cast aspersions on the character of the Taith Rhanddeliad, we thought it only right to publish the screenshots of the Lottery channel in its entirety.

Snip 1

Snip 2

Snip 3

Snip 4

Snip 5

Snip 6

Snip 7

Snip 8

DM with Changeup

This is the DM that preceded Green getting added to the Lottery channel. It should be noted that the major complaint that Changeup seems to have here is that Grayson followed instructions that all individuals receive when they join the RON server.

Regarding Taith's decision to fire Changeup as our Outside Assistant...

"I feel like this should be pretty obvious. The requirements of the Taith Outside Assistant is to work seamlessly with all of the Rhanddeliad, to work with and support the Rhanddeliad. Getting along is pretty much necessary. You don't necessarily have to like every one of us, but you do need to extend a certain modicum of politeness, and not actively go out of your way to troll or otherwise cause consternation. Over the past month or so, Changeup has been sniping and otherwise being caustic towards Grayson and to Neo. This was brought more clearly to my attention as a result of Changeup's actions vis a vis the lottery.

The Rhanddeliad made the decision to remove him from his position as our Assistant, however we were going to wait until we had found a suitable candidate to replace him. I'd also like to point out that we have already paid his salary for the remainder of calendar 2020, and we are not seeking any form of reimbursement. We're instead looking at that as a severance. Unfortunately, with his actions that led to his removal as the Chief Auctions Officer and member of the Board of Directors of 53 Companies Group, we needed to also pull the trigger on his termination from Taith proper. We were more than happy to just let the past go, separate and move on. Changeup's decision to air his grievances in public only demonstrate more firmly that we made the right decision to separate from him." - Greene/8360, Cyd-Rheoli Partner o Taith (Co-Managing Partner of Taith)

Regarding Taith's decision to fire Changeup from the 53 Companies Group Pwc. Ltd. altogether...

"When I brought Changeup onto the Board, it was to fill a vacancy created by one of our long-time business leaders decision to step down and focus instead on her alliance. 100%, I thought Changeup would be well suited to the job. He had done a fine job as Taith's Outside Assistant, and he'd also previously worked in Spera, so he knew his way around the company and the people.

Shortly after his ascension, however, he began to cause friction. To protect the integrity of the Board room, I won't go into detail. One of the expectations that all Board Members have is that everything they say in the Board Room is confidential, that inside the room they can voice their opinions without reservation. The way that 53c operates is that the Board has our conversations in private, we come to a decision, and then we all fall in line with the official decision. Not all decisions have unanimous support, however the exact breakdown isn't disclosed since we ultimately want to make sure that we can speak our minds and make our opinions heard without reprisal.

With that in mind, it is common practice for us to privately lobby one another for the measures we believe in, or are against. I will be sorely disappointed if Changeup chooses to publicise that, since it will serve only to embarrass himself, and demonstrate without a doubt that he cannot honour and uphold the confidences placed upon him.

The final straw, as it were, was when he dressed down a customer, in public, and used screenshots in a clumsy attempt to embarrass and shame that customer. It is never appropriate for a member of 53c's staff to do that. Any issues we have with customers, with shareholders, with our guests, should be handled with the utmost professionalism. Yes, I know that I myself have failed that standard before. The Board holds me accountable, just as I hold them accountable in my capacity as Chairman. Ultimately, this ill conceived decision is what finally prompted swift action." - Greene/8360, Chairman of the Board of Directors of 53 Companies Group