Press Release from Taith Group re:

Thamous' claims of theft re: his shares

26 November 2020

Thamous has been openly hostile and derogatory towards the staff at many Taith-owned companies. What finally sent us over the edge was his absolute nastiness in the newly centralised 53c server. When he was instructed to stop being disrespectful, he instead increased his level of contempt, so he was banned. His shares were subsequently rescinded in the four companies that he still owned shares in.

Thamous did not appreciate being checked for his bad behavior, much as a child would if they were to throw a temper tantrum at a grocery store because they weren't being given the sweets they want. In the Radiant Design Co. server, he threatened to attack Greene. Greene subsequently reached out to Lord Vader, the proprietor of RDC. After that, Thamous attacked Rob, Greene's co-leader, since Greene was out of his war range.

He also went to RON's Changeup, who is currently engaged in his own scorched earth campaign against Taith. Together, they whipped the readership into a pitchfork-wielding crowd. In public, Greene relayed the below information, at which point Krampus questioned Thamous about whether it's true that he's kicking up this level of fuss over less than half a million in cash. Thamous confirmed it is.

Unfortunately, it has been made abundantly clear that the individuals distributing "news" has no interest in providing accurate, full information. Instead, they seek to only present a single, one-sided targeting of Taith and of Greene.

As is common knowledge, shares can be forcibly bought back by companies if the shareholder is violating policies. We have no control over what message Orbit communicates to those shareholders as part of this process. As to Thamous not getting paid for those shares, that's his fault. We cannot send him the funds while he is engaged in a war with a Co-Managing Partner of Taith. Once that war has concluded, however, he will be receiving the following:

  • $1057.23 for his 1 share of TGIF

  • $4400.05 for his 1 share of SKYF

  • $422,229.92 for his 1 share of GNPI

  • $1960.42 for his 1 share of OSHN

Which according to Benj from the Orbit, is all the shares that were seized. It should also be noted that this decision was not taken until after he threatened to default multiple times in Spera Mountain, an Oshun Credit Union subsidiary, and became openly and voraciously hostile towards the Board members. Since the Board overlaps, it was impossible to for him to restrain himself.


In short: as soon as the war between Thamous and Rob is concluded, Thamous will receive the $‭429,647.62‬ which is due to him for the four shares that were rescinded. We aren't charging him for the cost of repairs to Rob, since that would just be petty. We would, however, be most appreciative if he would stop lying and claiming theft when it's fairly standard practice not to fund someone who is attacking you.

The following screenshots were taken from the RON #the-balkans channels on 26 November, except for screenshot between Benjalum and Greene, which was instead taken from the TOSE channel on 25 November, and was provided to the #the-balkans channel in the order that these screenshots have been provided.

As of 26 November, no clarification has been issued.