Press Release from Taith Group re:

Orbit Stock Exchange

19 October 2020

The Taith Group Pwc. Ltd., in collaboration with Swing Private Equity Fund Management, is pleased to announce the following assets and companies significantly owned by Taith for immediate listing on The Orbit Stock Exchange.

  • Good Neighbor Protection Pwc. Ltd.; a publicly listed insurance company operating under the ticker GNPI.

  • Oshun Credit Union Pwc.; a publicly listed bank operating under the ticker OSHN.

  • Skyscraper Facilities Pwc.; a publicly listed casino and mixed operations company operating under the ticker SKYF.

  • Taith Group Investment Fund Pwc. Inc.; a publicly listed, limited-market investment company operating under the ticker TGIF.

To purchase or list owned shares in any of these find companies, join the Orbit Stock Exchange server at and open a ticket to add money to your account or to perform transactions. Every user will eventually have their own ticket for use. This provides a certain level of anonymity and more immediate service.

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