Taith Group Investment Fund, or TGIF, is a single-asset company that was created as a subsidiary of the Taith Group with the sole purpose of giving regular, every-day players the opportunity and ability to earn and invest in the Taith Group. Starting with Grove Investments' GEM Fund, which was transferred to Aur ac Arian Society and then to 53 Investments, Taith has long sought a way to offer access to their impressive levels of growth without giving up ownership or any other measure of control.

TGIF has one asset, and will only ever have a single asset: it is a client of, and has an investment account with, the Taith Group.

Unlike the open-ended GEM Fund, this is a company that provides shares. We are listing it with the "The Orbit" Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TGIF and our disclosed corporate investors and the GEM Fund investors are being transferred to this new company. After rounding the valuation of each share, we are offering shares at $1000 each and creating a total of 20 million shares, this will allow us to sell or otherwise give away shares as an investment into TGIF.

Let's talk money

How often are dividends?

Dividends will be on an irregular basis, although expect at least monthly. Since the only asset is a Taith Investment, and we've demonstrated for over a year that we're able to strongly grow, this will significantly insulate shareholders against losses. And yes, we did say at least monthly. Could be once a month, two or three times. It really depends on how Taith is doing and if we've got a bunch of extra cash and want to reduce the overall balance more or less.

How do I invest?

Taith Account Holders & GEM Fund Investors

If you are one of the Taith-owned corporate investors, your company is now automatically a shareholder in TGIF. In all situations, we rounded up and never down. Even if you had 0.01, you were rounded up to the next $1000. The same goes for all of the 53c GEM Fund investors. To claim your shares, make sure that you (or your company's representative) join the Orbit Stock Exchange's Discord Server.

Interested Investors

If you aren't lucky enough to be in that first group, you still have an opportunity to buy shares from the existing shareholders. Please follow the instructions in the Orbit server to learn how to purchase shares.

How will I receive my dividends?

This is still somewhat up in the air. Our preference is that dividends will be deposited to the shareholders escrow accounts in the Orbit, and you can then use those funds to either purchase additional shares in the myriad of companies that are listed there, or withdraw those monies from the Orbit. If it turns out that is unworkable from the Orbit's end, then we will have the dividends paid out directly via Bank-to-Nation transfers.